Quantum Consciousness is a cutting-edge way to remember and experience our true magnificence. It is a simple but powerful modality that will not only expand your present consciousness, but it also expands the present Universes consciousness.

This journey unfolds through allowing yourself to gentle expand your consciousness outward into other realms in time and space. As a Quantum Consciousness Facilitator, I will guide you through an ever-increasing expansion of consciousness of awareness and the journey begins in the Present Consciousness and moves outwards to Stored Consciousness, which explores the energy of all experiences within this lifetime. Once explored, we travel into Alternate Consciousness where those other parts of ourselves who made different life choices share what they have learned. Our next realm is the experience of Parallel Consciousness, where we explore our soul’s energy outside the restrictions of time and space. Then, expanding further into Interdimensional Consciousness, we can see, feel, or re-experience what it is like to be another energetic form in this dimension or others. We finally travel out into our personal Universe embracing the Eternal Consciousness – The purest form of Who We Are and All There IS.

This is an amazing and unifying experience!

Quantum Consciousness Session

$225.00 (2.5 hour block of time)