Life Between Lives is a way of describing the state in the afterlife between incarnations. Dr Michael Newton first discovered the state when regressing a client who had expressed her loneliness in this life and wanted to have answers as to why she felt this way. Michael gave a simple command in hypnosis and the client unexpectedly connected with her memories of life as a soul.

This was a surprising turn of events and as his client began to see what was going on around her (in the memory she had connected with) she was able to distinguish her soul friends and family who were waiting for her in the spirit world. She was able, with Dr Newton’s help, to find out why she was having a lonely existence on earth – her soul friends were not with her during this incarnation. It transpired that this decision was planned by her (and her guide) to help her learn how to become more independent and learn to cope with earth’s challenges without the support of her soul companions.

This experience lead Dr Newton to undertake extensive research into the Life Between Lives. He soon realized that deep within we carry the memories of our lives as souls, the Life Between Lives, but that accessing these memories would require a deep level of trance and great technical expertise on the part of the hypnotherapist that could only be achieved with a high level of skill, an extensively developed technique and the use of key hypnotic processes.

Dr Newton regressed over 7000 clients to the Life Between Lives state during his career and has written three bestselling books which have given the public an understanding of the spirit world never before seen in print. The great strength of the books is that they are based on the experiences of many, many individuals, from all walks of life and so provide a model of the spirit world which has real authority.

This is profound session and Healing experience, and you prepare your own questions in advance.

Life Between Lives (LBL) Session

3 to 5 hours session – $550.00 ($100.00 additional per hour after 6 hours)

Life Between Lives Regression (LBL)