About Robin

Robin Davison

Robin Davison

Robin is a certified member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. A classroom trained and clinically experienced facilitator, Robin has been crossed trained in many spiritual healing modalities, including Life Between Lives, Quantum Consciousness and more. In practice since 2002, she has an extremely high success rate with her clients.

Robins’ only goal is to assist you as you travel deeper into your own journey, unlocking the secrets behind your struggles and hidden gifts. Robin is a spiritual midwife, aiding those who come to her in giving birth to their highest and best intentions. Before each session, she will sit with you, listen to your needs and then create a session that is alignment with your intentions, goals and needs.


  • Hypnosis trained in a classroom setting and applied skill in a Clinical setting
  • Certified member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Master Rapid Eye Technician (uses the NLP model)
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Certified Life Between Lives therapist through the Michael Newton Institute
  • Certified Quantum Consciousness Facilitator


A Note from Robin:

I have found that my passion in life is assisting others to have a more enriched life. For me, it is simply facilitating you in getting to the root of what is preventing you from moving beyond those subconscious patterns, such as: fears, phobias, or releasing subconscious blocks that prevents us from moving forward in life; all in which can affect one’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and or wellbeing. Are you ready to move forward or experience something different and profound in your life? 

Are you ready to move forward or experience something different and better in your life?

Continued beauty in this journey,