The Newton Institute was founded by Dr. Michael Newton, author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Our organization began as The Society for Spiritual Regression but this name was later changed to The Newton Institute (TNI) to honor its Founder. TNI is the home of certified […]

At last – something you can really get passionate about! Rapid Eye Technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in emotional health. Click here to learn how you can get training in this unique and amazing process. Start living your dream today! Learn how to help clients: Identify and quickly release stress-causing factors Apply New Skills for […]

The American Board of Hypnotherapy was founded in 1982 by Dr. A. M. Krasner as The California Board of Hypnotherapy. Within a short time it grew to be the American Board of Hypnotherapy with members all over the world–wherever Hypnosis is taught, we probably have a member. We have a convention every February in Las […]

What is Crystal Bed Therapy? The concept of the Crystal Bed, also called crystal bath therapy, was channeled through John of God by the spiritual healing Doctors. It was developed for practical use and incorporated as an important healing modality at the spiritual healing center affectionately known as “the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil.” For […]

This organisation is our contribution to the evolution of human consciousness.