Be What You Want To Be

The Universe responds not to what you want, it responds to what you are being. Are you being what you want? What is stopping you from being what you want? Take the step to discover your true self and walk the path that brings purpose into your life.


  • Clinical Hypnosis trained in a classroom setting and applied skill in a Clinical setting – Southwest
    Institute of the Healing Arts
  • Certified in Past Life Regression – Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
  • Master Rapid Eye Technician (uses the NLP model)- Rapid Eye Institute
  • Reiki Master and teacher
  • Certified Life Between Lives therapist – Michael Newton Institute
  • Quantum Consciousness- Institute for Quantum Consciousness

Client Feedback

“Robin Davison is SO talented as an intuitive healer! I’ve had a couple of incredibly powerful sessions with her that were life changing in very positive ways! I look forward to future sessions with her…she has a great talent for helping others find healing and to open new doors of opportunity and awareness! Robin is an incredible healer!”

– Sadie R