Gaia Consciousness is an extension and different component to the Quantum Consciousness journey. It is a powerful and beautiful journey into further states or realms of consciousness broken into three unique sessions. The three sessions all as individual and combined are powerful experiences to integrate and expand one’s consciousness and remembering. But indeed the experiences also serve as a beneficial energetic contribution toward humanity via the collective consciousness as Gaia moves to a new vibration. These are the high-level intentions for our time together in Gaia Consciousness:

Gaia Session 1

Visiting Ancient Civilizations: We free our consciousness to move across time and space and observe the ancient healing philosophies of a specific long forgotten civilization. We return with those remembered frequencies to serve humanity.

Gaia Session 2

Grounding New Frequencies: There are many off-world civilizations that are lovingly supporting the emergence of a new vibration for humanity. We move out into those frequencies so we may experience them and become advocates for them.

Gaia Session 3

Advocates for Gaia Consciousness: We invite the aspects of our parallel consciousness who have served this planet, to join us, to share in the ancient wisdoms and the new frequencies before taking them back across time and space to their own place in linear time in order to accelerate the change in the collective consciousness.

Gaia Consciousness Session

$225.00 total (3 session 1 hour block of time for each session)

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