There are two worlds that we depend upon to help us understand our place in the universe, the world of science and the world of spirituality…both with their own version of “truth”.

For centuries these worlds have been separated by philosophical, logical and even indoctrinated viewpoints, though a revolution is taking place that is starting to bring these opposing landscapes towards alignment.

Science started to change about a century ago with the discovery of Quantum Mechanics. Suddenly the smallest scientific environments imaginable became even smaller, and we began to understand that at the level of subatomic particles, the laws of Newtonian Physics that had served us well for hundreds of years, no longer worked at all! Gradually we discovered that we are part of the fabric of the universe, and that the small toe on our left foot is made up of the same particles as a planet. We discovered that ultimately we are all connected into a divine matrix of energy, potentially made up of tiny vibrating strings that underpin reality as we know it. We discovered that there are other dimensions, alternate realities, parallel universes and that it all started with a “big bang”. The biggest surprise for scientists, was that these theories could all be proven through either mathematics, experimentation or both.

Those two bastions of credibility, good old fashioned (and some new) mathematical formulas and the repeatable experimentation in closely controlled environments, showed clearly that our view of the universe was wrong.

In parallel, a different group of people had been exploring consciousness in many and various ways. These consciousness pioneers were doing their own experimentation and were busy researching and validating Past Life Recall,(sometimes under Hypnosis, sometimes not), Near Death Experiences, Astral Travelling experiments and the Realm Between Incarnations. These expanded states were showing that consciousness does not need a body to survive and could either leave the body for a while and return, or recall an out of body experience while still in body. The doctrines offered through the traditional religions, suddenly seemed to be helpful, merely up to a point, before the thirst for personal experience took people into their own journey of discovery.

Quantum Scientists tell us that we are energy, consisting of subatomic particles and the entire universe is our home.

Consciousness Researchers tell us that we are an energy that shifts, changes and travels unbound by time and space.

Both are right, we are Quantum Consciousness.

We are a window to a dynamic and unfolding universal journey. Simply put, we are a human portal waiting to be released into the fabric of the cosmos itself.

The Quantum Consciousness journey is one that takes us through that portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness. This safe and natural journey is undertaken in the energy of service, offered by a Facilitator who gently activates the quantum possibilities of the Client, as they embrace their expanded states of being. The combined energy of the Facilitator and the Client creates something that is unique; we replicate the concept of the big bang theory, starting at your present consciousness, before moving out through the other realms, expanding your personal universe until you are the fabric of the cosmos itself.

Peter Smith is the author of “Quantum Consciousness – expanding your personal universe”, the creator of the Quantum Consciousness Experience, and Founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness. He had previously founded the Institute of Hypnoenergetics and the Hypnoenergetics modality. His first book “Hypnoenergetics – The Four Dimensions” has reached audiences around the world. For years he has researched expanded states of consciousness and their
connection to Quantum Physics.

Peter has always been inspired by his work at The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. He has been President of the Institute for the past 5 years and trains LBL Practitioners and Teachers in different parts of the world. He speaks regularly at various conferences, on radio programs and has participated in a number of documentaries both in Australia and overseas.

The essence of Quantum Consciousness has four key aspects:

“The Creator Effect” embraces the concept that we can create anything we desire through our intention. This concept has origination in the Quantum principle of “The Observer Effect”. This experimentally proved theory states that we affect an outcome just by observing an event, it encapsulates the power of intention and confirms we are the masters of our own destiny.

“Intanglement” embraces the concept of oneness, that we are all part of the energy of the universe and that some particles are more entangled than others. When we turn the Quantum principle of “Entanglement” internally into our own personal universe, we can seek and find our other selves. We who live in a timeless space of all ages, all alternate realities, parallel lives and our pure soul state. All are held within our personal universe.

“Everywhereness” works on the Quantum principle of “Non locality”, that electrons can be in more than one place at one time, in fact they are everywhere at once in their awareness that they exist as probabilities until observed. We exist in all dimensions at the same time, beyond though including all linear time zones. We can visit these places to find the healing and wisdom that serves the greater being that we are.

“Holographic Healing” works on the Quantum principle that we live in a “holographic universe”. A universe in which the large and the small are the same and that the smallest piece contains all. This simply means that any wisdom we uncover from our other selves, any healing we undertake can then send an evolving wave of higher consciousness rippling out into the fabric of the cosmos to serve the universe itself. Our personal universe is simply a holographic subset of all there is.

Under these four aspects, the intention for the journey is set and we start in our Present Consciousness, activating the quantum possibilities of our subatomic particles, releasing the restrictions of the conscious mind and offering the present consciousness the sacred role of integration once we return, forever evolved from the journey. All offered through the gentle vibrational tones of the voice and energy field of the Facilitator.

We first of all expand outwards to explore the Stored Consciousness of the Client. The energy of all our experiences within this life that we know may hold remarkable wisdom or the need for healing. We engage, we explore, we heal, we share. All those who come forward have the opportunity to raise their vibration.

We expand further out through our Alternate Consciousness, where those other selves who made different life choices can join us to share what they have learned, or to learn from us. These paths were created at those turning points in our lives, where we activated a split in our timeline, moving in both directions as our soul desired to learn from both paths.

Our next realm offers us the experience of Parallel Consciousness, where our consciousness exists in other bodies on earth outside of the restrictions of time and space. We have lived in many eras and different bodies during our incarnations and we can claim this hidden wisdom, or offer to share or exchange healing with those who come forward.

We expand further now out through our Interdimensional Consciousness where we can see, feel or re-experience what it is like to be in another type of existence either in physical or energetic form in this or other dimensions. Ultimately our consciousness doesn’t need this body or any body to be in existence. So much can be learned as we surrender the influences of this human form that create limitations to our deeper understanding.

We expand further now out through our personal universe to our Eternal Consciousness, embracing this purest form of ourselves. This remarkable expanded state of being is experienced as something profound and eternal, and then rather than be part of the universe, we are the universe, no limitations, no boundaries, we are simply what we are. We are all there is…

Having undertaken this remarkable journey, we then move back through our realms to the forever changed Present Consciousness, to integrate, grow and evolve from what has been discovered. Sometimes a longer period of time has passed back here in human form while we were outside time and space and some deep reflection will follow as the assimilation of our discoveries takes place.

These journeys into Quantum Consciousness are for the true explorers. They work best for those who have experienced some form of expanded state previously and are as unique as the Client who seeks to travel. However sometimes the experience unfolds in a different way to what has been offered above, reflecting the uniqueness of the Client themselves.

One common characteristic has come through in the cases we have seen. The Clients report a lightness in the energy experienced as we move outside of the heavy energy that permeates humankind and the experiences of this planet over time. It is like we move into the lighter state of being as we expand through the Quantum realms of our consciousness. It would appear that it is our deepest potential to be those lighter beings…

There is an overriding philosophy that underpins the journey into Quantum Consciousness that brings great hope and intention to humankind in the midst of a troubled world, desperate to awaken to a greater collective sense of self…

Quantum Consciousness is about “The Remembering”.

Ultimately we are all these things, already. All that we discover on the journey is already here nestled gently within us, waiting to be rediscovered so we can again experience our greatest authenticity. Our deepest and most profound potential for our consciousness has already been found…it is now time for humankind to remember.

Peter Smith
Peter Smith

Author’s note
The Quantum Consciousness journey is offered by a qualified facilitator, one who has studied and qualified in one of the alternative health modalities that embraces energy. They are then trained in Quantum Consciousness techniques where they undertake the journey through their own Personal Universe, before completing formal accreditation. This article has been written for and is dedicated to those who would undertake this journey with one of our Quantum Consciousness Facilitators.